Advance Books Company


A great book will make us feel we've received a gift from the author that should be shared.  Advance Book, a small press, published great books.


Splendor Bay, ISBN 0970622414, ISBN 0970622422


Surprisingly witty...characters you begin to really care about -- Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

Promises Town, ISBN 0970622449, ISBN 0970622457


A wonderful mix of characters" -- Mystery Scene Magazine

Potter's Field, ISBN 0970622430

An outstanding first effort -- Murder and Mayhem Bookclub

Old-Fashioned Recipes for Modern Cooks, ISBN 0970622406


"As much fun and nostalgia to browse through as it is fun and fulfilling to cook from" -- Midwest Book Review


Advance Books Company ceased operations in 2010. It's titles are out of print; however, autographed and used copies of it's critically acclaimed titles may still be available from these booksellers.



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